Green Giant Zucchini Fries in Air Fryer

Air Fryer Green Giant Zucchini Fries: Crispy Veggie Delight in Minutes! Craving crispy fries without the guilt? Look no further than Green Giant Veggie Fries® Zucchini Garlic & Parmesan! These pre-cut and seasoned zucchini fries are perfect for a healthy and delicious air-fried side dish. They’re ready in under 15 minutes, making them ideal for … Read more

Green Giant Cauliflower Gnocchi in Air Fryer

Craving Crispy, Pillowy Gnocchi in Minutes? Try Air-Fried Green Giant Cauliflower Gnocchi! Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional potato gnocchi but don’t want to sacrifice taste or texture? Look no further than Green Giant Cauliflower Gnocchi! When prepared in an air fryer, these little bites transform into crispy pillows of deliciousness, perfect for a … Read more