Air Fryer Frozen Turkey Meatballs

Experience the convenience of frozen turkey meatballs with the added benefit of air frying! These pre-cooked delights offer a healthier alternative to traditional methods, delivering perfectly cooked, juicy meatballs with a crispy, golden brown exterior.

Enjoy the ease of cooking straight from frozen, with no thawing required. Simply preheat your air fryer, pop them in, and let the hot air work its magic. In minutes, you’ll have a flavorful protein option ready to be served as an appetizer, tossed in your favorite sauce for a quick meal, or incorporated into countless recipes.

Air Fryer Frozen Turkey Meatballs are perfect for busy weeknights, satisfying cravings without sacrificing taste or health.


  • Frozen turkey meatballs


1. Preheat your air fryer to 360°F (180°C) for 3-5 minutes. This ensures the air fryer is hot enough to cook the meatballs properly.

2. Place the frozen meatballs in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Avoid overcrowding the basket, as this can prevent even cooking.

3. (Optional) Lightly spray the meatballs with cooking oil for a crispier texture. You can use avocado oil spray or any other high heat cooking oil.

4. Air fry the meatballs for 12-15 minutes. Shake the basket halfway through cooking to ensure all the meatballs cook evenly.

5. Once cooked through, the meatballs should be golden brown on the outside and cooked through to an internal temperature of 165°F. You can use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature.

6. Transfer the cooked meatballs to a plate or bowl.

7. That’s it! Your air-fried frozen turkey meatballs are ready to enjoy. You can serve them with your favorite dipping sauce, marinara sauce, or on their own.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Cooking time may vary depending on the size of your meatballs. If your meatballs are larger, you may need to cook them for a few minutes longer.
  • Don’t defrost the meatballs before cooking. Cooking them frozen helps lock in moisture and prevents them from drying out.
  • For a fun twist, try coating the cooked meatballs in your favorite sauce before serving.

Enjoy your delicious and healthy air-fried turkey meatballs!

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